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Transient Spaces


Capstone Collection: TRANSLUCENCY Taking the term ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ literal. Archiving the Newark Print Shop history and wearing it. This series portrays images of the…

Transient Keys

Transient Keys, Mixed media sculpture with ceramics and cyanotype, 2017.

Goddess Hands

Goddess Hands, Screenprint and collage on paper, 2016.

Printed Alter

Printed Alter, Mixed Media Installation, 2016.

Home Is…

This work addresses my experiences with home, the instability that I have experienced with maintaining a space to call home for any real stretch of time, and the difficulties…

Ode to Market Street

I moved to 194 Market street during the summer of 2013 in the aftermath of an ugly break-up and after a fire destroyed my home and working artist…

Oceanic Transit

My most recent body of work has been an ongoing series titled “Oceanic Transit.” The journey by ship serves as metaphor for a personal journey from one chapter to…

Stratospheric: a floating hammock project

This installation of hammocks was created in collaboration with Amanda Thackray. Cyanotype printed hammocks on canvas, knotted rope hammocks, screenprinted hammocks on denim, 2014.

Disappearing Views

In this series I am capturing images of a city being transformed, much like a faded photograph of a past landscape. The boarded up row home, abandoned theater, and…