Lisa Conrad is visual artist, art director, and educator living and working in Newark, NJ. As a practicing artist, she has created a multifaceted body of work including fine art prints, ceramics, artist books, and works on handmade paper. She is the founding executive director of the Newark Print Shop, a community printmaking facility in Newark, NJ.

Artist Statement

I use various printmaking techniques to create depictions of spaces from my lived environment. Hand-printed impressions portray vanishing facades and the memories of the soul of those spaces. Having lived in Newark since 2010, I have witnessed first hand the transformation of a city in its renaissance: what some might call gentrification. My current body of work layers buildings representative of the changing urban landscape that surrounds me, as well as my own changing landscape, as I drift from one short-term lease to the next. This series is an ongoing archive of resiliency in an effort to claim one’s own narrative.